Body Oil Trio
Body Oil Trio
Body Oil Trio
Body Oil Trio

Body Oil Trio

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Layer Fragrances Beautifully with Our Ethical Body Oil Trio. Take your signature scent to the next level with our thoughtfully crafted body oil trio. Designed to heighten fragrances while caring for skin, these multifunctional oils enhance wear time and provide skin-nourishing benefits.

The antioxidant-rich Warm Embrace oil is perfect for layering richer, warming fragrances like vanilla, cinnamon and woods. Promote an even, glowing complexion over time with regular use.

For floral fanatics, allow sweet blooms to shine by smoothing on emollient Blissful Blooms before misting your favorite flower-based perfume. Extra moisture means extra endurance for delicate notes.

Citrus scents sparkle against the Brightening Clean Slate oil. By improving skin texture and helping reduce pigmentation issues, the gorgeous glow lasts as long as the zesty fragrance.

Each fast-absorbing, quick-dry oil in this 8oz trio primes skin to receive scent so spritzes transform into an ever-lasting sensory experience. Ethically handcrafted with only premium natural ingredients to care for you and your perfume.

Trio includes:

1 Warm Embrace

1 Blissful Blooms

1 Clean Slate

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While our ingredients are natural, we do not claim our products are a treatment option for any health issue. Use at your own discretion.

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I love the way they smell and they absorb great! The floral one is probably my favorite. It's not too overpowering and is the perfect base under my coach floral perfume!

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