Eloise Naturals is a skin and hair care brand focused on using the power of nature to reveal your natural glow. We believe true beauty comes from within, and that caring for our bodies and the environment should go hand-in-hand.

Created by a retired beautician, who discovered joy and passion for concocting natural alternatives to support her skin and haircare goals, Eloise Naturals brings self-care in harmony with nature.

Our Products

The Eloise Naturals Philosophy

Like our founder, we believe caring for health, beauty and environment should go hand-in-hand. That's why we use pure, ethically-sourced botanicals and essential oils instead of harsh synthetic chemicals. Our nutrient-rich ingredients like plant oils, butters, extracts and minerals provide targeted solutions for common skin and hair goals while nourishing the wider ecosystem.

Made by Nature. Crafted for You.

We are convinced that little steps towards greener living add up to big change. By sourcing mindfully, producing responsibly and using plant power instead of synthetics, we seek to walk lightly on the earth so future generations can thrive. Our inspired formulations nourish hair, skin and spirit through the power of nature - revealing natural radiance as we move towards harmony with our bodies and environment.

Experience the Eloise Naturals difference for yourself

Our beauty line uses the power of ethically sourced botanicals and essential oils to reveal your inner and outer glow; expect our clean, caring formulas to deliver radiant hair, skin and overall wellbeing. Experience beauty through nature - with sustainable, natural self care.