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Hair Retention Bundle

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Unlock your hair's full growth potential with our powerful two-piece retention bundle, formulated to nourish follicles, strengthen strands, and prevent breakage for healthy, resilient locks. The Scalp Pomade harnesses the restorative properties of Chébé, matcha tea, and coffee to stimulate circulation and energize dormant follicles. A potent blend of organic...


  • Stimulating herbs

  • Eliminates Dryness

  • Reduces Breakage

  • Improves Manageability

Hair Retention Bundle
Hair Retention Bundle
Hair Retention Bundle
Caffeinated Cleanse

Zero Waste Shampoo Bar

Nettle leaf, Marshmallow Root, Matcha Tea helps invigorate and retain length while you cleanse.


Your healthiest hair is within reach.
Hello Sunshine

Glow Boosting Face Mask

Recalibrates pH levels and helps balance skin tone


Achieve your best skin without harsh chemicals. 
6 pack

Wellness Wonders Bath Bar Sampler

Target acne, eczema, and hyperpigmentation from head to toe.


Nature approved hygiene necessities.

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Eloise Naturals Promise

Powerful Plant Ingredients

Eco-Conscious Production

Cruelty-Free Commitment

Quality Ingredients


Powerful Plant Ingredients

We use ethically-sourced organic botanicals like powerful omega-rich oils, antioxidant-packed extracts, nourishing butters and protective minerals. Expect gentle yet visible results.

Eco-Conscious Production

We skip synthetic fillers, parabens, SLS and phthalates. Our production supports local artisans and promotes sustainability from farm to bottle.

Cruelty-Free Commitment

No animal testing. Our thoughtful small-batch process and natural ingredients make ethical skincare truly possible.

Quality Ingredients Selected with Care

Our collection substitutes harsh synthetics with pure plant actives to effectively achieve your skincare and hair goals. We favor small-batch production and reusable/recyclable packaging for an eco-conscious process from studio to bottle. By working in harmony with nature’s balancing act instead of against it, we believe nurturing beauty becomes an act of nurturing life - spreading the glow to communities and ecosystems well beyond our door.

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"Excellent quality products at an affordable price"

"My skin is more radiant than ever. I look forward to trying more of your products."

“I especially love it because it's a natural product and it works!”

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Frequently asked 

Do your products work for sensitive skin?

Yes, the gentle, clean nature of our plant ingredients makes them suitable for most sensitive skin types. We suggest patch testing a small amount when trying a new formula.

Do you offer nut free options?

Yes, we are proud to offer a growing selection of thoughtfully formulated skincare and haircare products that are completely nut-free for those with tree nut or peanut allergies. We understand how difficult it can be to find effective products without whey, almond oils, or proteins that won't cause unwanted irritation. View our current offerings here 

What are your shipping rates?

We offer a $7.95 flat rate for US orders. Free standard shipping on orders $50+.
(We currently only ship to U.S.)

How long does processing and shipping take?

In-stock items process and ship in 5-7 business days or less. This does not apply to weekends or holidays.
What if my order arrives damaged?
Inspect shipments for damage upon delivery. If you have any trouble with your order Contact us promptly at ordersupport@eloisenaturals.com with concerns. Please include your order number, email, and name. 

What do you recommend for dry hair?

Those of us with hair types prone to dryness and frizz find great benefit in this hydration system.

I want to grow long hair

If your goal is to grow longer and stronger hair, this system can work wonders.

My skin is very dry

Dry scaly skin just can't seem to hold any moisture? Give this system a try

I have extra sensitive skin

Looking for products that won't dry out your delicate skin (that's basically everything we offer) here are our favorites!

Natural Ingredients Glossary

Natural Ingredients Glossary

Aloe Vera - Hydrating, soothing, healing - Soothes irritated, sunburned, or inflamed skin - Lightweight moisture for face and body - Promotes healing

Apple Cider Vinegar - Clarifying, toning - Gently exfoliates and removes impurities - Balances skin's pH levels - Evens skin tone

Argan Oil - Nourishing, smoothing - Intensely moisturizes dry skin and hair - Softens fine lines and wrinkles - Adds shine, smooths frizz

Avocado Oil - Nourishing, moisturizing - Essential fatty acids to deeply hydrate - Sinks in rapidly without greasy feel - Suitable for all skin types 

Bearberry - Brightening, smoothing - Evens skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation - Smooths and refines texture Beetroot Powder - Purifying, nourishing - Rich source of iron, vitamins, minerals - Antioxidant supports healthy skin 

Calendula - Soothing, healing - Soothes irritated, inflamed skin - Naturally heals burns, rashes, and cuts 

Cayenne - Stimulating, boosts circulation - Increases blood flow to wake up skin - Has antifungal properties 

Clary Sage - Clarifying, firms - Helps balance sebum production - Natural toner and pore tightener 

Coconut Oil - Hydrating, cleansing - Intensely moisturizes skin and hair - Removes makeup and impurities - Soothing, prevents moisture loss 

Flaxseed - Exfoliating, softening - Gently buffs away dead skin cells - Softens and retains moisture 

Grapefruit - Skin brightening - Helps fade dark spots for brighter skin - Antioxidants help fight free radicals 

Grapeseed Oil - Antioxidant-rich, toning - Minimizes signs of aging from radicals - Tightens pores and evens skin tone 

Horsetail - Nourishing, elasticity boosting - Strengthens hair strands and nails - Improves skin elasticity 

Jojoba Oil - Hydrating, soothing - Light, quick-absorbing hydration - Soothes irritated skin - Sebum-balancing 

Kokum Butter - Soothing, antioxidant - Soothes inflamed or irritated skin - Deep hydration to help heal skin - Supports cell regeneration 

Lemongrass - Purifying, toning - Awakens dull, lackluster skin - Pulls impurities from pores 

Marshmallow Root - Smoothing, soothing - Soothes irritation and inflammation - Softens and hydrates skin 

Matcha - Smoothing, antioxidant - Calms irritation and puffiness - Potent antioxidant protects skin 

Nettle Leaf - Clarifying, toning - Controls excess oil production - Helps minimize appearance of pores 

Olive Oil - Soothing, nourishing - Soothes and hydrates skin - Rich in antioxidants to combat aging 

Peppermint - Stimulating, freshening - Awakens and invigorates skin - Minimizes inflammation and itchiness 

Reetha - Clarifying, smoothing - Gently cleanses hair and scalp - Removes product buildup 

Rosemary - Purifying, stimulating - Improves circulation in scalp - Removes impurities from hair follicles 

Shikakai - Smoothing, strengthening - Gently cleanses and conditions hair - Reduces frizz and split ends 

Tea Tree Oil - Clarifying, cleansing - Helps prevent blemishes - Purifying for scalp and skin - Natural antimicrobial 

Thyme - Antibacterial, clarifying - Purifies congested skin - Natural antioxidant fights aging 

Vitamin E - Nourishing, damage repair - Intensely moisturizes dry skin - Boosts new skin cell growth - Helps repair UV damage